Safety and Security

Our building at Tigín features a secure entrance with coded entry access monitored by staff who meet-and-greet all families on arrival at the school. Drop-off and collection logs are kept to ensure a record of all childrens' movements in and out of the school are available at all times. Other logs relating to nap times, care routines and meal-times are made available to parents each evening.

Security cameras are situated at various points around the exterior of the building with monitors in the front office, ensuring the safety of the children in the school throughout the day. Parking facilities are available directly outside Tigín with safe and direct access to the foyer of the school.

Policies and Procedures

Our professional approach incorporates a comprehensive set of policies and procudures relevant to the care of children. These are available to read in our Parent Guide Book along with a complete description of our individual curricula for the various age groups.


We have three garden areas with direct access to/from the building.

Safety Highlights